Exploring the ruins of a Toys R Us, discovering a trove of sensitive employee data


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Contact the employees and offer to hand it over to them so they can look into suing the people who dealt with the wind down of the company. Don’t destroy the evidence.


To expand on that idea, just find one of the bunch who would like to launch a class action suit against Bain Capital, on behalf of the whole class of former employees.


I agree with you.


Unfortunately, I suspect that you would have about as much success as you would suing Equifax over their data breach. It is better to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent.


Also, like the rest of us, these employees have already been doxxed 27 times.


My daughter works for Spirit Halloween every year and this year’s location is a defunct Toys R Us. Mostly they just found lost inventory that had fallen under shelves and into corners. I guess they did a better job clearing that one.


Seal it away for future archeologists to uncover the Temple of Toyzrus.


They were supposed to box them up and send them off. The issue with that is all the HR’s and managers were long gone by that point in the shut down, so it was left to the one and half basic managers these stores had. I didn’t especially trust where they were sending the files either, so I went through the boxes and retrieved my own files before they were taped up.


They were paper files? What about all the data? Hard to see how a normal employee could extract just their own data from that.


Correct. I wasn’t worried about the invisible data fairies floating about the backroom being found by urban explorers. The computers were packed up weeks before the building was emptied.


Good luck with Trumps Justice department.


The Urban Explorers would probably find themselves up on charges of criminal trespass and identity theft.



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