Exploring toxic ruins with the new Mavic 2 Zoom drone

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Now that is a cool use for a hobby drone.


$1250 is do’able. I’d love this for the Joshua Tree area, maybe when we are full time there, fun to have, and it’ll be great for tracking my dog down when she runs for the hills.


I’ve been waiting for these to get released. Been watching all of the leaks with interest. Pretty sure I will get my first drone this year.

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Zoom-Dolly, from the sky!

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There’s a business model in this, somehow. Buy into a slice of one, and pilot the damn thing over the internet. Drone timeshares! And with enough safeties, you could choose your experience anywhere it was legal, from Burning Man to Mexican temple ruins…

I don’t want to do the leg work, mind you, I just want to subscribe after someone else already has.

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I’m gonna wait five years until a third the price gets you something twice as good.

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The video linked to at the end of that one about the anti-aircraft tower has a great dig at Trump’s wall…

“…or a physical monument that hopes current world leaders can learn from history and not build ginormous unnecessary concrete structures.”


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Yeah, that’s why I’ve managed to not buy a drone for myself. Yet.

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