Explosions on the Sun


Wow, good thing nobody got hurt.

Just some Borg.

They were assimilated.

OK. I give up. What is the source for the image/images at the top. I can only find the reddish one. :frowning:

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By plasma! That’s what happens when you put Dr. Crusher in charge of the Enterprise. Though it almost seems like a Wesley Crusher solution.

SDO is actually in a circular geosynchronous orbit around Earth and always pointed at the sun. While it is technically in orbit around the sun, it’s not in orbit around the sun in the way the STEREO satellites are. Good news is when the coronal mass ejections appear on the edges of the solar disc, they’re not pointed at us!

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Ditto! I would love a print of this…

Agreed. As a graphic designer, that color scheme makes me go “Ohhhhh…”

Based on the color scheme, it seems totally Takei to me.

or Oh, My…

Or, It’s Full of Star!

Came here to say that images of Sol are always interesting to me in that it’s a real image of nothing more than fusion and plasma, just a big ball of hot gravity.

Twitter, apparently: https://twitter.com/NASA_SDO .

Direct link to image: http://ow.ly/i/4HXPd .

Wait - is it also rotating about its own center of mass? Otherwise, wouldn’t it always be pointing the same way relative to Earth, and therefore only point toward the sun half the time? Or am I just completely wrong because celestial mechanics is not intuitive to me?

Found it: http://www.nasa.gov/content/first-moments-of-a-solar-flare-in-different-wavelengths-of-light/

Wow. Real heavy on the soft x-rays, slightly longer on the deep UV. That’s some seriously energetic shit. We have to work our asses off to make those frequencies. I notice they don’t have anything from the visible spectrum there at all.

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The visible spectrum is sooo 20th century.

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