Exposé on local police's use of Fog Reveal, a platform for mass-surveillance of small-town America

Originally published at: Exposé on local police's use of Fog Reveal, a platform for mass-surveillance of small-town America | Boing Boing


If we’re going to acknowledge that the kind of privacy we used to enjoy is gone, we need to start asking for at least an attempt at protections for citizens on how and when that data is used. Most Western nations have privacy ombudspeople or commissioners, but of course not the U.S.


Thanks, Rob! That was a really long and fascinating article from Ars Technica!


We’ve got nothing to worry about; they are just going to link it up with the Pre-Crime AI, and everything will be fine.


And here is the powerful tool behind civil forfeiture.

and also for stalking ex’s, harassing the mayor’s kids, finding hookups for drugs or prostitution, or even just tracking down that dude who cut in front of you at the grocery store

really an all purpose tool for the police


Wherever is my ‘degoogle’ iOS/Android variant that has me traveling widely in restricted spaces (Wuhan, Shandong, reeducation centers everywhere, Republic space in Iran) and pulling detailed maps for my convenience? Maybe occasional location photos, audio recording which happens to sound like Anais Nin. Drop-ins at actual local sheriff parking…

The idea is to get in the Lineage OS build process for something (well, that’s just Android,) and have the GPS spread bogus info and timings to the invasive apps. Giving inspired data with a mind to messing properly with the data broker customers, and process of violating civil liberties; give or take adjustments to make a travel itinerary seem possible to a cursory data scan.

At any rate, driving 6 mph through the bad part of town, significant wandering walks, and spending hours at WingStop at adjusted times should be punctuated with occasional, apparent highway takeoffs to minor aviation centers, courts, and sites of human rights abuses. According to the brokers’ data…


shit, Flossi, you break my brain sometimes. but i’ll be damned if i didn’t get you on this one, like tuning in a shortwave sideband or scrambled television signal and, suddenly an image or pattern emerges and illuminates the whole muddled picture into clarity, however brief.
continue to the moon and beyond, while Voyager 1’s broken broadcast beams a packet of thruth from beyond the oort cloud, beyond the heliosphere, beyong my fucking comprehension.

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