Extinction Rebellion floats a drowned house down the Thames

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When asked for his own opinion, Professor Harrison added: “My prediction is that IPCC has probably underestimated the ice sheet response and the likely rate of future sea level rise”.

Given what’s already happened in the Arctic, that’s a pretty mild understatement. We’re at the point where it’s less “my prediction” and more “well, obviously they wildly underestimated…”


My impression is that climate scientists have for decades been putting out overly optimistic estimates to avoid being labeled as radical extremists by the fossil fuel lobbies. In this end this kind of backfired because the lobbyists were willing to lie their asses off and as a result the public perception is that climate change isn’t all that pressing of an issue. Congressmen aren’t going to act unless their pants are currently on fire.


Regarding the art installation, I kind of want to know what’s under the waterline on the house. Giant iceberg?


That is pretty good schtick. They should put a Tesla on the roof.


Or, soaking wet up to their thighs.


In Italy we gont an ENTIRE CITY submerged in the Adriatic sea

Even in the areas normally not visited by tourists

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Meanwhile in Ipswich

What major social/political/economic change movement has ever been won by performance artists?

To quote myself:

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Agitprop did not harm the spread of communism in Soviet Russia.

Why do you think dictators are so eager to crack down on art? It gets people talking about “forbidden” subjects. Isolated it doesn’t do much, but if there is something to talk about…

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That said, there is a role for theatre and art in protest. But it’s a spice, not the main meal.

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can’t see eve on the rafters shindig



What major social/political/economic change movement has ever been won by performance artists?


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