Extreme turbocharger glows red-hot

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Cool but you really should have included a volume/headphones warning with that video


Nope. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the possible blast radius of that contraption.

I’m honestly surprised that this didn’t end in an unplanned rapid disassembly, and am somewhat amazed that nobody was injured.

I hope he doesn’t continue to risk his mates’ safety like this.

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7:08 Supercar/Thunderbirds engine run-up sounds.

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The lede really buries the wood-powered mad-max insanity of it. Now he needs to stuff it in the back of a ute, hitch a generator to it, and build a post-apocalyptic series hybrid.

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The only really sketchy part was the bucket of oil for the turbo, which was sat right next to the furnace. Also, doing it in the middle of a grass paddock.
Turbochargers are designed to operate normally in similar conditions, it’s not that unusual to see them glowing red hot:

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