Fables (<strike>comic book</strike> graphic novel series)

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When did you get completely fed up?

The storyline where one of the wolf-cubs dies as The Fisher King got me pretty good.

I really hated Cubs in Toyland, I generally agreed with the comments here. Which I guess is the one you’re talking about…

Has been diminishing returns for a while, I think they should have stopped after the Adversary plotline concluded.

I did try a couple of the Jack collections, didn’t like those, but Fairest was good, and I liked the Cinderella ones. I’ll probably keep reading them, but only from the library now - appears they’re going to finish soon anyway.

That was the one. I’ll have to re-read it in that light.

I’ve enjoyed the post-adversary storylines. They wander, but the pre-adversary storylines wandered as well. Dragged, in retrospect. The whole “wooden-people who turn to flesh” had such a setup, I expected more from it.

I’m still disappointed that Bufkin never returned, and the Business was lost for good. Not very fair for Frankie or the Knight-guy. Whateverhisname was..

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