My 9-year-old daughter is tearing through the Land of Stories series

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My daughter did the same. I hated Glee, but Colfer is an excellent writer for kids.

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When she finishes those, you can start her on the Fables books. They’re not meant for kids, but not too racy, probably PG13.

fables has it’s moments but it’s fun stuff. not meant for kids unless they’re very mature kids.

My daughter also loved Land of Stories. It is a fantastic series!

My favourite reads at that age were the fantasy novels of German author Wolfgang Hohlbein. I don´t think much of his vast output has been published in English, but apparently the “Märchenmond” Books, which he wrote together with his wife Heike, are available under the title “Magic Moon”. Would recommend.

Edit: According to their Wikipedia page, Märchenmond is Hohlbein´s only work that has been translated to English, while a lot of his and Heike´s work is available in other languages.

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