Facebook AI has learned how to read your face and prompted a bot to respond appropriately

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I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say no.

There is no appropriate way for a bot to respond to my face.

It should not do that. I am a human. It is not. That is inappropriate behavior for a bot.


All this talk about actively expressed emotions, but what blatant apathy and lack of feeling as we go about our mundane existences, doomed to repeat our endless cycle of mediocrity until the day we fade into oblivion?



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What about it?

Wait. A Facebook bot watched Skype conversations from Youtube?

Isn’t that kind of incestuous for Facebook, Microsoft and Google?


Can it respond correctly to that?

To me this isn’t much different in morality from a filmed commercial, which is a manufactured reality designed to elicit a response from viewers. Both are toxic, both are wrong. (This is me agreeing with you, with a little extra.)


Heck if I know.

Anyway, this reminds me a bit of that movie, Ex Machina. Anybody see that? Awful film, no likable characters, but in it, a 'bot can manipulate a programmer by studying his body language and facial expressions.

Not only commercials…

I was listening to NPR a bit ago (during the Harvey/Houston event), when the host asked one of the officials “is there one, horrible image you just can’t get out of your mind?”

…at which point I turned it off, as it had just devolved to disaster porn.

I think I actually find the emotional manipulation on the news even more disturbing than in commercial contexts (like the subject of this post).

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