Watch this robot weirdly imitate a man's facial expressions

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They’re exactly the same, no difference at all.


I’m telling you - these people will be sorry when the robots take over the world. It is inevitable.

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“But, Mummy, why did they give the Robo-nanny the ability to look angry?”

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I’m afraid that they’ve moved all the way through the valley to the other side.

this is what the uncanny valley looks like:

I don’t get any of that weirdness looking at Ameca. It’s actually astonishing–I’ve never before seen the other side of a valley that I thought was infinite.

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I think that the grey colour of the animatronic goes a good way towards making it not look too weirdly human adjacent.

Edited for added negativity.


Very impressive that they’ve duplicated (in servos?) most of the facial muscles. But (from about 1’40") when it shows its impressive teeth they should’ve had it spit it the very white gum it was chewing

Not putting you in charge of the Turing tests then.

The whole time I was yelling at the screen, “Stick Out Your Tongue!!”. I bet that dummy doesn’t even have a tongue.


All that just to animate silly emoji’s on an iphone?

Peak expression.


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