The most expressive robot in the world


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My vote goes to this one.


“Two weeks!”


Getting kind of a Cradle vibe from their booth.


I’m going with this, but physics being the cold bitch she is will never let it see the light of day.


Or for those of us that like the classic:


Wait…and here I thought that said expensive
F it, I don’t need uncanny valley…I need robots to clobber other robots.

This is what I get when I’m on nights…


Surely the most expressive robot is one that has opened fire.



“Hope you enjoyed the ride!”


eventually recovered in a Russian software piracy bust in 2010, which is in fact a thing that I did not make up."

Yeah, it’s a thing which a writer on the linked fiction site The Fiction Circus made up in an obviously fictional article


The frozen expressions look good, mostly due to the very well made latex exterior. But as soon as it moves or speaks, we’re deep in the uncanny valley.


The later version was even more expressive, although may not qualify since it was a hologram.


I thought the one on the left was a little bit better.


That one was wearing an obviously artificial skin, though. Clearly a 600 series.


I need robots we can have sex with!
Where are the Pris and Zora models that Tyrell corporation promised us.





I never knew the PKD bust was recovered! Man, I spent most of my time at San Diego Comic-Con 2005 trying to find that thing, to no avail.


Just do your best to relax…