Software expressing emotions




Holy f**k, would I love to be able to do that!

Robber: "Give me all your mon—AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!


How would one express “satanic imp from the fourth dimension” as an emotion?


This dude should join up with Cyriak. [Kitty City][1]


This would scare the shit out of Large Marge.


It’s not so much “uncanny” as “‘kill it with fire’ horrific,” even before it gets to the exploding faces.


I thought all the clones got killed off at the end of season 3. Go team venture?


It is definitely bridging the famous “uncanny valley” in a very creepy way.


Slightly less creepy than the average Butoh performance.


Wait, this is what the computer see’s when watching us. I’m so sorry Skynet, now I know why you want us all dead. I’d want to send all the demons back to hell to.


Bjork: ever the trendsetter


I’m wondering what Francis Bacon would have made out of this. The exploding Pope, presumably.


The scene with the two heads staring at each other is definitely evocative of several classic Svankmajer shorts…

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