This guy made a little robot that mimics his expressions

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That’s pretty cool, but the longer I watched the more creeped out I became. The movement and tracking of the eyes is life like and for a few microseconds I almost thought it was real. Then I woke up.


Roger That!

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I actually tried this little guy out in person at SIGGRAPH last week. It’s a lot less spooky in real life, and quite endearing. Which itself may be spooky.


Very cool. Having worked in puppetry, mask and animatronics for many years I can attest that “less is more” when it comes to conveying emotions from a character face. Having all the bells and whistles constantly twitching about (usually because the film producer feels since they spent so much money on these damned things they had better wiggle all the time) doesn’t make a character (or bot) more believable, realistic or lifelike - quite the contrary. We ourselves use our faces as masks all the time. An example from another animated form - the cartoons of Chuck Jones (especially One Froggy Evening) show what can be communicated with just a simple shift in expression around the eyes.


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Big deal, even a baby can mimic facial expressions. I used to have one, but it got too big.


Fantastic. Years of honing my defenses against the qualia zombies; and now I learn it’s the qualia androids I need to worry about.

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