Facebook allows dangerous fake news about vaccines to go viral


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Fbook poison, once again.


Someone needs to take Zuck to a minimum security prison and have him take a good look around, maybe even chat with Martha Stewart, because that where he’ll end up if we get mad enough to pass law making him accountable for this BS. I mean it’s not like he’ll end up in super max.


I stopped using Facebook a few months ago. I still have an account, but I removed the app from my phone.

I noticed a marked improvement in my mood.

I used to use it to keep in touch with folks, but it changed from being a source of pictures to a source of news. And I don’t like just about anything folks are sharing, it’s almost always disappointing in one way or another.

Part of me thinks we’re just not meant to be connected in that particular way.


What would the charge be?


I’ve had a few colleagues report the same. One has had serious bouts of depression, Fbook wasn’t helping that one bit.

PS. We have lunch at work with all com devises turned off once a week, I really like the sense of anticipation I see from folks, it’s nice to have a good conversation without the buzzer going off every minute.


Douchebaggery, comes to mind.


It’s true, even turning off devices, and making EYE CONTACT has become rare.

I tried it the other day, it felt great!

(…still have Instagram though, gotta check it, brb)


Nothing more to add than: Roger That!


I read you 5 x 5!



Get it? Viral? Get it?


Read this part again: ’ pass law making him accountable for this BS’


Flu? Viral? ISWYDT.


money making scheme # 74: heavilly insure the kids of your best antivaxxer, when they die collect the money. Use money to fund lawsuit of Facebook, argue that you should get a big payoff because you loved those kids so much, prove it, look at how much I had them insured for!


So… a law to make websites accountable for content their users post? Every site would immediately close their comment section. Oh, and I guess no more YouTube.

@rasmussen_bryan: Would it surprise you to know you can’t buy life insurance on strangers?


I know those kids!


Was Rob busy this morning?



The law wouldn’t be about what the users post but rather what the site itself promotes.

…of course this is assuming the lawmaker is clever enough to make the distinction: we’ll see about that.


Facebook seems to believe in a holistic approach to fake news.