Facebook allows dangerous fake news about vaccines to go viral

whatever happened to the BoingBoing of 2012…https://boingboing.net/2012/11/06/bad-pharma-account-o.html

The post is still there, so you tell us. Neither the BoingBoing of 2012 nor Ben Goldacre have ever promoted the work of anti-vaxxer charlatans like Facebook does. One can mistrust big pharma and shkrelic pharma-trolls for all sorts of reasons without rejecting the concept of herd immunity.


Have you not been paying attention to the consistency BB slags the Shkreli types who keep jacking up the costs of life-saving medicines? Or do you only really care about denigrating vaccines?


The problem with anti-vaxxers is, aside from what it does to their kids, the issue of herd immunity. We want that.

But at the same time, some of the nuance around the issues gets lost – especially around newer vaccines, which haven’t been proven yet on a large scale population over a lengthy period of time, or that may cause issues down the road. On that count, I think you can be generally pro-vaccines, skeptical of big pharma pushing new ones, and parse through the evidence carefully.


What would the law be?

Let’s just wake up to the realization that Facebook is all fake news.


FB curates their news feed, it’s not just an unedited stream of user posts


You’re accountable for you news feed to be journalism, same standards we expect out of radio, news papers, tv news.

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Me too. I deleted after Orlando and can’t explain how much it benefitted me. Occasionally family or colleagues will contact me and I’ll have to go in to check. It’s like going back into a museum of some horrible past trauma.


I don’t know if I want the internets governed by some of the same laws we had for TV, radio, and newspaper (although for print, really what you were worried about was “obscenity” and issues related to “defamation”) – that said, Facebook is a beast, we probably drastically underestimate the impact it’s having on use culturally, socially, politically.

For me, the best thing I did was to keep an account just in case I want to check in with some friends, but keep the app off my phone. And generally stay the hell away.

Oh, and recommend to everyone I can to do the same, lol

For me, it was all the political stuff – and from either end of the spectrum. People posting stuff without having a clue, it just left me feeling frustrated and disappointed.

But then I realized it’s really the technology, not the people (for the most part).

Your friends have like a few minutes while they’re in the toilet to type out their most brilliant opinions, while on a quick break, they aren’t going to be super-articulate, or maybe in person they’d be more reasonable, etc.

But everything gets over-simplified and compressed, and the tone gets more and more angry.

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