Zuck to Parliament: Drop dead


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So, that mean culpa was about as sincere as I suspected then.


Considering that free access to user data is a FB feature not a bug of course Zuck is avoiding having to answer for this practice.


If the real Zuck treats a cross-examination like the version of him that Jesse Eisenberg played in The Social Network, Facebook will not want him anywhere near this.


Did y’all realize that the “Share” button on this post only goes to Facebook?

Guys, help us with some alternatives?


If Zuckerberg had any sense he would have showed up, and let Damien Collins (whoever that is) make a big show of telling him off like a naughty pupil for the benefit of the Daily Mail. These committees mostly exist for grandstanding purposes, so they’d probably have taken that as a win and gone home.

Instead, they’re butthurt, and they need a win more than ever, and now the only way they’ll get it is by actually punishing facebook somehow.

(or rather, by making a non-binding recommendation that will be mostly ignored even if isn’t completely half-baked, since that’s how these committees seem to work)


best typo ever?


Have you seen today’s Christopher Wylie’s evidence to MPs about Cambridge Analytica?

I can’t see any possibility of that not having serious consequences.


will send some flunkies to receive a ritual drubbing from MPs

Another day, another donut.


Well, to be fair, the document requests either him or a senior executive.


Last straw for me. Account deleted, as of five minutes ago. Zuckerberg’s tone-deafness and lack of accountability are not going to change, and he can never be trusted.


Doesn’t for me; only Skype and E-Mail.


Really? Wait a minute, let me try that.


Worth repeating from the original boing boing post that the soul-sucking demon who goes by the name rupert murdoch (in its current form) even attended one of these. Rupert murdoch!


Dunno about Skype. The Share link here is as shown for me:

From the actual post though, it’s Facebook only.



I too, get twitter, FB, and email for sharing, FWIW.


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