Facebook 'Made Mistakes,' says Mark Zuckerberg in first words on Cambridge Analytica crisis


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/21/facebook-mistakes-were-made.html



what a shitheel


It’s no coincidence Zuck is responding now


I had a dream that Facebook as a corporate entity imploded, all of its tech was opensourced, and the platform became a benign community-run social network.

Oh…and Zuckerberg was last seen riding into the sunset, perched atop a safari Toyota Land Cruiser.


Nationalize Facebook!


This is not a bad response. But, why did it take him so long to make it?


The Beschizza is strong with that image. When I look in there I don’t see any soul… just a sucking sound.

I think MZ really thinks he could be Prez (well, why not, it worked once, right?) using FB as his megaphone.


The Zuck:we need to step up and do it,

Guess how many times in the past this weaselly cretin has said exactly that, like broken record.

WTF! Zuck aided and abetted criminals to undermine our Democracy, and profited from it as well.


This seems like a ironclad assurance that no more horses will be allowed through the barn door closest to the regulators. And what more could one want?


Obligatory “stop-with-the-mouth-eyes” post.



Well it’s not a bad response if it ignores all the other times it has happened - it’s just that those other times didn’t come back to bite them. To suggest that this problem only happened in 2014 is a bit disingenous of him.
(Also, as has been noted, this now just means that FB will be doing all of this themselves instead of effectively outsourcing it to others…)


It really was. It’s well written and all, but to me here’s the key part, and the bare minimum of what needs to be true for this to be a good response.

‘This was a breach of trust contract between Kogan, Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.’


“We pledge to protect your data, you overly trusting dumb fucks.” he added.


“Sorry we made billions of dollars and broke your country.”


Comrades, we have nothing to lose but our cookies and adware trackers!


that’s the worst non apology I’ve ever heard.

in other words:



Less obligatory more-with-the-mouth-eyes post.


I actually believe this bit.

FB $$$$ come from that data - giving it away to the likes of CA is a threat to their business model. FB will protect that data, in order to protect their business model.

Oh, wait - you thought they had your interest in mind, and were going to protect you?