Facebook executive stole $4m from company

Her name? “Furlough”-Smiles, maybe? Seems appropriate for a big evil tech company.

This sounds like a “The frogurt is cursed” scenario.

There was a woman at UC Santa Cruz in the 1990s who had check writing authority for hiring speakers (among other things), so she’d write checks to ficticious speakers, ask they not be mailed out, she’d then forge a signature and then endorse it to her. Cleared something like $300K before the bank – not the school – got suspicious.

Terrible internal controls that you’d have anyone making those decisions also have an actual checkbook.


I found a video of her being interviewed about a side business venture. Seems like a charming person at first glance, but I also get the vibe that she must have been terrible to work for. She and her husband launched a business venture without any testing and design iterations, nor any consultations with subject matter experts in the field they ventured into. It seems super important to them to come across as stand alone geniuses who’ll listen to noone.


More fast, break stuff, leave no notes or audits.


“That’s FRONK-en-steeen.”

Apparently be a grain executive and fund psychiatrists to prove there’s life after death? Be Zuck and gift an island to Hawaiians while workshopping avoiding the AI accelerator hardware apocalypse that interests at least Mark? Be Zuck and redeem yourself a DEI chief with two other titles to try out before she takes on a taxing luxist SF/Georgia detention gig True Detective-ing herself (wait maybe,) who needs some training time and specialists before she can be chiefing?

I’m told that workshopping isn’t a word and works hopping might be? I misheard like 30 different professional comedians that way!? Oh spell check, tell me how alpha helices in receptors dominate all the other helices.

I mean, maybe mitzvah suck 30 years then get working VR and good? Hey, open the package in the slimy fascist wrapping. No, with your mind, that patio fence is there for a reason.

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