Facebook hired GOP oppo firm to smear protesters by linking them to George Soros, an anti-Semitic trope: NYT


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If true would Soros be able to sue them for slander? Especially considering he was a recent pipe bomb target?


You wanted another reason to #deletefacefuckingbook? There it is!


Somehow I think Breitbart will delay reporting on this, until they can figure out how they are the victims.


Way to go, Zuckerberg and Sandberg and Kaplan, playing around with anti-Semitism as a tool to hide your company’s endless scandals. As deluded as the concentration camp kapos were, even they had the basic animal cunning not to play that game.


Yet, you still are on Facebook, so you are being a bit hypocritical.


So glad to have never had Facebook, not that they probably don’t have my info anyway, but it has to at least decrease the shit show on my end. Maybe. Possibly… Who am I kidding. We all work for Zuck now.


Welcome to BoingBoing. With that start you have a promising comment career ahead of you.

I’ll let our moderator @orenwolf explain the “hypocrisy” to you:


We’re spared the worst of the intrusiveness and exploitation and stress of being on the platform, but have no doubt: they have at least some of our info.


Both the left and the right are chumps for big money interests. How do they get off these rides?




Always assume malice, even when simple incompetence is a possible explanation. This is the internet! It’s an outrage!


You really know how to light my fire.




Me likey, me likey very much.


It’s malicious incompetence, driven by the arrogance of those who think they’ll be exceptions.




While simultaneously deterring critics by smearing them as anti-Semitic. Genius!


Seems like Fuckerberg is running fuckbook like the trump admin.


One side regularly, gleefully exploits racism and antisemitism to get votes.

False equivalence is false.