Facebook: Hackers got (very) personal data from 29M users. FIND OUT if your info was breached


You can block the facebook domain on the hosts level, it’s very effective at blocking all those tracking scripts. If you do it in your router settings you can also annoy visitors who try to access it through your wifi.


I wish there was wifi router software with the option of having a different blocklist for guest access. It would save opening a hole when relatives pull out their iPad to show baby pictures.


I think it might be possible. Ask me again after I’ve tried my DHT-based distributed BBS. I’m hoping for a glorious failure, a learning expience. (I mean, a distributed system with no central control or mothership, and yet find a way to bias it against the shitposters and alt-right scum is a tricky problem.)

eta: I foresee an awkward moment when law enforcement asks me to divulge information from some other node. I’ll make a note to work on the explaining of why that’s not possible beforehand.

eta2: If the EU calls and tells me that I have to disable links or embedded images for anyone from a Europe IP, I can crib from Monty Python’s French knigguts.


Honestly this is why I deactivated my account, and haven’t outright deleted it. Having an account would seemingly provide a modicum of control over things that not having one (or rather, having a shadow profile) would not. (Now, whether it’s a worthwhile modicum, I couldn’t say.) And I keep waiting for the promised feature that allows one to delete the previous activity from one’s account.

For those who’ve remained with Facebbok, I’ve found a few things that might help:

  • Social Fixer plugin for Firefox & Greasemonkey
  • Facebook Container plugin for Firefox
  • Unfollow everyone and everything. There’s nothing (or very little) left in your feed, and you won’t see what anyone said or did unless you navigate to that person’s page/wall.


Also there is the “Disconnect for Facebook” addon for Firefox.


And can somebody please tell me why WHY nobody has gone after Zuckerfuck’s personal data (at least as far as has not been reported)? It seems only fair.

Zuckerfuck the Clusterfuck.


As much as I enjoy re-inventions of the wheel, why not spin up one of the already existing decentralized alternatives?

This offers a handy overview:

I would recommend Mastodon, I’m currently using it and enjoy it. They also seem to have thought about the alt-right/trolling/harassment issues, they’re not perfect but there are some systems in place that could potentially scale.


Shrug. I’ve making wheels since the 70s. “Never re-invent the wheel, unless you can make it rounder.”


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