Facebook: Hackers got (very) personal data from 29M users. FIND OUT if your info was breached


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What if I’ve deleted my FB account? Should I have kept it just to receive notices about what data breaches I was a part of?


Well, not quite as good as Maury telling someone they are not the father, but still good.


FIND OUT if your info was breached

It wasn’t.

How do I know?

Because I haven’t been on FB in over a year… and even back when I was, they never had any of my pertinent info.


Facebook is working with the FBI, the FTC, and regulators in Ireland, and will continue to, Rosen wrote.

What’s so special about Ireland? I skimmed the documents and didn’t see anything special. Do they think the attack originated there?


Well done! :wink:


Well I know my data wasn’t at risk.


Came here to say this, but everyone beat me to it.

May I please say it anyway?


Can’t breach what I’ve deleted over six months ago.

:fu: Facebook :fu:

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Facebook: Hackers got (very) personal data from 29M users. FIND OUT if your info was breached

Is BoingBoing doing A/B testing on click bait headlines or something? :thinking:


I don’t think they talk to each other before posting. :smile:


Facebook’s international headquarters is located there.


ah yeah, that jogs my memory, i do recall knowing that, thinking that it sucked, and thinking, “I should just forget that I know this, so I don’t get too angry”


They are in process of changing over to paying taxes in other countries in which they earn, but will keep the office in Dublin apparently.

But that would be for another topic I suppose. And that’s about all I know anyway :slight_smile:


Just a quick note to give a sense of scale: 30 Million is about the population of Canada. Give or take 4 Million.


And what about the data they have on people who aren’t users, and never have been?


Probably where the affected servers are.


That Help Center thing is a very good tool to narrow down a list of accounts from people who consider their accounts to hold very personal data.




I’ve never had a FB account so can’t check, but am none-the-less resigned the fact that some of the personal data in the shadow profile this awful company keeps on me has beem lost to hackers at one point or another.


A reminder here that these breaches are inevitable.

I think Cory or someone else posted an article recently about how having more horizontal integration and less vertical (single-company) stuff would be better for all this (similar to email/etc), but honestly I’m not sure if it’s feasible to accomplish anymore.