Facebook kept copies of videos you deleted

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I love how folks are discovering all this awful shit about FB as they go to delete their profiles… With a bit of luck the FB hate will snowball.


And they keylog everything you ever type into a text box and then erase. That inflammatory status update that you typed in anger and then wisely deleted without hitting post? They still have that. That time when you typed “that witch” and then went back and changed it to “my mom” before clicking submit? They still have that, too.


When facebook says they take the security of your data seriously, they are lying. It’s not your data, it’s theirs. You gave it to them, they’re keeping it, and they’ll use it in any way they see fit.


Still using Fbook? You’re not paying attention.


Facebook kept copies of everything.


I hear they have Trump’s tax returns.


Should have changed his privacy settings…


And the Pee Pee tape too.


…only to be replaced with MindScan. “Hook up these electrodes and we can quickly build up your customized profile.”


One doesn’t simply walk into Mordor.


They said it’d be fun…


A killer of facebook and all other social media companies that are predicated on mining users to sell to corporations and governments: zero-privacy data profiles on everyone (i.e. including corporate boards, elected officials, etc.) with an open and freely available API.

Panopticon, bitches!

Whoodoggy… apparently I awoke in a mood this morning.

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And when we create a legal equivalence between digital and meat-space individuals, we’ll just make the legal definition of murder, harm, etc. contingent on all versions experiencing that outcome.

Egads… I am in a state… I’ma stop posting until I get more prosocial today.

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Well flagging something as ”deleted” is not the same as actually removing it from database. Flagging something as deleted usually means flagging it as “not to be used unless willing to pay out of court settlement”. In a way it is like attaching a potential price tag. And good luck with “deleting” your profile.

Just out of curiosity what is BoingBoing’s policy about similar matters? For example if I would to delete my account what would happen to stuff I post here?

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Sounds like they’re actually being really honest. Their security of your data is actually perfect because they don’t have any of your data. It’s all their data!


I have no idea what’s going on behind the curtain at BoingBoing, but during my ‘unfortunate underemployment’, I had no regular access to the internet*, and although I would occasionally read BB, I didn’t login or post on it for at least 5 years. So now, I have a mutual arrangement with my internet addict neighbor who runs three different wifi signals out of his house (kids), and I discovered that my account had evaporated. I’m re-using my old username that had been recycled back into the ‘unused’ pile, but when I tried (not very hard) to find some of my old postings, nothing came back. So, I’m sure if I had made postings that were alarming, maybe they would have gone into a special file drawer, but they were just the ramblings of just another egotistical moron ranting from a soapbox in the webby town square.

*I would go to the library to do my internet searches, but I didn’t waste any time on attempting to post to anything - I would just hold my breath, dive into the internet, and feverish scribble down notes on how to fix my car, etc.


TOS seems to explicitly say that any coment is considered User Generate Content and rights to it are granted to Happy Mutants in perpetuity. It is also covered with a CC license. It doesn’t really say what happens if an user decides to delete an account.

The best I could dig out is this:

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