How do you delete your account?

Should I just message someone?


Yes, probably message @falcor.

New users can self delete if their account is relatively new and they have 1 or less post. Not true in this case…

Can I get someone else’s account deleted?


There’s this bananadude you see… XD Just kidding!

@bzishi just send me a PM.

Isn’t it a little weird to put you in charge of assisting those who seek to throw themselves into The Nothing?

Does deleting an account zap their comments? Or do they just get assigned to “Guest” or something?

Leave awjt alone!

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It can – up to @falcor and the staff. If deleting a person would leave a lot of “holes” in conversations, you can simply deactivate the account, or suspend the account indefinitely.

We went through this on Stack Exchange as well and everything there is creative commons, which doesn’t allow people to arbitrarily pull content unless there is agreement on both sides that is OK.

I don’t like holes but I don’t mind deactivating and suspending. It’s a perk.

@falcor, what if I’d just like to stop using my full name?

That can be edited, no worries. I don’t know if commenters can do that themselves but if you want me to change it send me a PM.

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