No way to delete BBS account?

I’m not gonna wave my hands in the air or make a fuss, but I’ve decided for a few reasons to remove myself from the BBS. Mostly because I don’t think internet commenting is the healthiest of activities! At least for me.

But I was surprised to learn that I can’t delete my account, or at least can’t find where; on BB, of all places. There’s a story for ya @doctorow

Any help?

I’ve enjoyed typing with you over the years, Nathan. So long, and safe travels, wherever they may take you.


Back 'atcha! Thanks. Had some great convos on BB, certainly no complaints there.

I’m easy enough to track down if you want to see me grumble about stuff in different mediums. One of the advantages of avoiding pseudonyms :slight_smile:


I will take care of it for you, by deactivating your account. Should you want to come back at any point, you should only need to re-validate your email address.

Thanks @Falcor, that’d be ace!