How do I delete a post?

I made a mistake and need to delete a post. How do I do that?


You can remove a post by using the delete action button under the post.

Note that this marks it as visibly removed by the author, but does not physically delete it until 24 hours later. (This is a change we instituted because self deletes were so common here on BBS.)

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If we run across a user-deleted post, we (the moderators) will physically delete it, but it’ll definitely be gone faster if it’s flagged, as codinghorror said.

Whoa… Felton. Is THAT what you look like? Not saying anything. Just sometimes easier not knowing. I’m learning my way around this new bbs or whatever you call it. :slight_smile:

Similar question, but not really. If I posted something incorrectly, will someome else delete it? I can’t find it anywhere. Sigh…

Hi, Lindsay. It looks like your topic was deleted due to its commercial nature. You’re welcome to contribute to the BBS forum, but we ask that you not include promotional materials, even if it’s not straight-up spam.