Facebook helped consolidate power for Cambodia's dictator and his attack-dog media, then killed the independent press's platform

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The Zuck is complicit in all the nasty that happens on Fbook.


Last year, after Donnie’s election win, I came across a Facebook post that talked about killing liberal folks in a friends feed. When I saw that I sent in a complaint to Facebook about the user and all I received was an option to ignore said user. I responded to the Facebook representative that it was b.s.solution since the person was advocating violence against fellow Americans and that such hate speech should not be tolerated. After that experience I barely use it now and have toyed with deleting it. If it wasn’t for keeping in touch with distant family and friends I would have done so already.


Having spent a significant amount of time in Cambodia, and not on the short tourist loop, and talking to Khmer people about their government, it is a rather fabulous exaggeration to refer to the country as having had any political system approaching a democracy in modern times. Neighboring Thailand, land of the perpetual military coup, has more of a claim to democracy. Both countries could be best categorized as authoritarian monarchies (with the king beloved but largely a figurehead). Hun Sen consolidated his power decades ago, setting aside whatever gaming of Facebook has been done to retain it in the recent past.


Having spent a small amount of time in Cambodia, mostly the short tourist loop, i thank you for the insight.

Interestingly, Zuck spent a year visiting each province of Cambodia getting to know the people.

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