Facebook hired a pollster to track Zuck's public image, but he quit because working for Facebook filled him with shame


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Wait… are you implying that Facebook is run by yet another run-of-the-mill narcissistic white dude? I am shocked I tells ya!


I was probably far too optimistic.”

Yes, you were.


The article on The Verge is very interesting.
Here are two excerpts:
McGinn tracked a wide range of questions related to Zuckerberg’s public perception. “Not just him in the abstract, but do people like Mark’s speeches? Do they like his interviews with the press? Do people like his posts on Facebook? It’s a bit like a political campaign, in the sense that you’re constantly measuring how every piece of communication lands.
(My emphasis.)
Every now and then, rumour has it that at some point Zuckerberg will enter politics.
It is my considered opinion that he is at least toying with the idea. He is 33 now. He has more than 102 million followers on his personal Facebook profile at the moment. Odds are that in, say 15 years, Facebook has gone the same way as MySpace or Yahoo!, but there will be a huge share of an entire generation who will look back at Facebook as a central part of their halcyon days. That’s some leverage.

“Facebook is Mark, and Mark is Facebook,” McGinn says. “Mark has 60 percent voting rights for Facebook. So you have one individual, 33 years old, who has basically full control of the experience of 2 billion people around the world. That’s unprecedented. Even the president of the United States has checks and balances. At Facebook, it’s really this one person.”
No comment.


Fuck Zuck.


True. I can understand why he thought he might have had some influence with a person who has that degree of control over FB, but by the same token he should have understood that this is the very reason this company has been toxic from the start.


shit-sammich is still a shit-sammich no matter how much bread you use.


Yeah, they made a movie about that…


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