Facebook is censoring links to competitor social network Tsu and deleting old mentions

Have you people not seen tsu .co? The entire site is pretty much just people ripping content from other sites and then spamming the links everywhere. Facebook, as shitty as it is, doesn’t even approach that level of shittyness.

If Facebook sent hit squads to kill the entire tsu.co staff I would only be mildly upset.

No no, it’s only censorship when it’s done by somebody I don’t like.


Got a screenshot image on my FB page! Let’s see how long it lasts.

Oh snap. I don’t remember anybody else here retroactively deleting any posts on a big news conglomerate webpage. cough violet cough blue cough

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So from now on, any site with publicly displayed comments that you want to prevent from being shared on facebook, just leave a comment on there containing, somewhere within it, those six characters. Neat! I’m sure this’ll only be used for good!


Works fine if you use http://bit.ly/1QjYzY2 for example. If you remove the “preview” text as well.

But, of course, you have to know something was censored in order to try to find a work-around.

I don’t have a facebook account to test this. Can you use &# codes to encode the link? Will they censor a link such as http://tsu.co which translates to http://tsu.co

Isn’t Facebook a sovereign state already?

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Huh, I thought 9gag had a copyright on that.

Speaking for all old people… who?

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I was able to post a link to this article by placing the url in double quotes and removing the preview.

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