Facebook shutting legal weed pages

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Facebook: Nipples are gross. Weed is icky. Exploiting poor people in India to grow your global brand is A-OK!


Yep. They are trying to sanitize their site. Started removing BST firearms pages awhile ago, even private/secret ones.


But shutting down trolls would be “policing free speech.”


I’m sure they’ll be shutting down alcohol-related pages next, since they’re so concerned about policing drug-related activity on their network.

After all, alcohol is illegal in some places, and we must take great pains not offend anybody’s delicate sensibilities.


After that, we can shut down all motor vehicle-related pages, because vehicles can be used to break the law; additionally, vehicle-related crashes are the leading cause of death for most age groups.

Very dangerous, better censor them.

And finally, humans are known to be involved in 100% of cases of death. Further, humans comprise 100% of defendants in criminal cases. Facebook will now censor all human-related pages, and all human activity on its platform. For the children.


Facebook is the scourge of the Internet, stop using it!


I’d love to, but you’ll have to convince all my luddite family members to abandon all their friends.

Facebook is like AOL used to be. Some people think it’s the only place to go on the internet. If you want to (or are familially obligated to) interact with them, that’s where you have to go.

weed sellers are grassing one another up

I see what you did there


Eh, all my family also has email. I can get by not knowing what they had for lunch every day.


But everyone says that email is dead.

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Just like the internet. It’s all so 2010.

Update: what in hell is going on with the quote feature? Okay, fixed now.


It is kind of grim to see Facebook and Twitter censoring legal speech. Especially as social networking has become one of the most common ways for people to interact. On one level, it is no different than the phone company deciding that there is a list of things that you are no longer allowed to talk about on the phone. Not illegal things, but just things that the folks running the phone company don’t like people doing or talking about. I am not comfortable with the idea of Zuckerberg or Dorsey as the final judges of what can be discussed. I don’t think that they are especially moral people. But I guess it is inevitable when people become wealthy and powerful enough, they always start to feel that they are actually better and smarter than everyone else, and they just can’t help but to start imposing their values on the peasants.


Homogenizing the world is such a noble goal.

Erase the boobs and the weed and everything will be okay - world peace is around the corner


Because seeing stoners on the Internet is just so fucking dangerous.


But what if you, er, like them both?

Just asking for a friend, you know! Someone who isn’t me.

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Then carpet bomb Facebook out of your life.

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Come to the light, follow the light away from where you are!

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Not always. There are cases of animals being tried and prosecuted as documented in The Criminal Prosecution & Punishment of Animals by E.P. Evans.

I humbly submit this as evidence that Facebook should immediately shut down all animal-themed pages as well. We can’t begin to fathom what crimes peoples’ pets, let alone the rest of the animal kingdom are up to.

And I bet I could find some dirt on plants with a little digging.


Oh I’m quite certain of our cats. Evil, plotting motherfuckers, we humans are all blessed by our respective differences in life expectancy, between humans and cats, and know that the cats will do what they can to reverse the situation.