Facebook's new news power is a threat to press freedom


This is kind of a dumb story. Facebook is nowhere near having a monopoly over the news. If they have a monopoly over news organizations’ traffic, then that’s only because the news organizations put their stuff on Facebook in the first place.

Plus, I’m surprised that Xeni has a problem with censorship by a private company. Remember this incident?


There are threats to freedom so much greater than this. On the one hand, strange as it may seem, not everybody uses Facebook at all, and some of those who do, occasionally look at other websites as well.

But on the other hand, have we already forgotten members of Congress calling for the extradition of Glen Greenwald to face charges of espionage for doing his job?

Facebook is nowhere near having a monopoly over the news.

However, you might feel differently if you were a middle-schooler.


Don’t build or let your business model become dependent on private third parties that you have no control over.

I said the same exact thing 2 years ago when the bloggers went nuts because suddenly Facebook wanted them to pay for promotion.

How many times is the writing going to be on the wall.

Stop blaming Facebook for being Facebook.


Middle schoolers aren’t using Facebook.

Yeah every middle schooler I know is addicted to youtube. 100% totally invested in youtube.

Facebook may be violating the FCC’s rules on Net Neutrality with it’s monopoly. Anyone want to file a complaint?

Boing Boing is also banned from Facebook. Any articles from Boing Boing disappear after being posted.

Could be interesting to do some research along those lines. Find which ones of at least the more popular sites get their links removed, and when and after how long. Then push Facebook to explain why.

TalkingPointsMemo (talkingpointsmemo.com) also is disappeared by Facebook.

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Sounds like a time for some tests with timestamped screenshots to have a cache of hard data to lean against, and then raising some stink…?

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