Facebook to pay handpicked corporate news outlets up to $3 million a year to license content: WSJ

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You make an important contribution, to which I can only say


This is just a slow takeover. They start with licensing, they share KPIs that newspaper owners love, more and more editorial control and content gets put on Fb first, and then it’s a just a tiny hop to M&A.

It’s like a viscous mythical toad slowly swimming up the river of information growing fatter and fatter until it arrives at the river’s source and inserts itself like a rancid fatberg to pollute everything downstream.


If they willingly get into bed with Facebook for what amounts to chump change they deserve exactly the fate I predict for them. Sadly, it won’t be before yet more dumb-dumbs see FB as the place to get their news.


The last thing I want is perceived erosion of my legitimacy when I plead to my mother-in-law not to get her news from Facebook.


Facebook is fine for keeping up with friends and community, BUT don’t interact with memes, politics, advertisements or give them information about yourself. Even if your friends post them, just pass on by. Now I can add this news section to ignore. Oh and turn off app integration. Sure I’d like to post what music I’m listening to on Spotify, but I can spend the extra minute to copy and paste an image rather than linking.

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