Facebook news chief to media: ‘Work with Facebook or die’

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So everyone has work to do.

Reputable media outlets: please look into installing and promoting instances of decentralised and federated FOSS social media platforms like Mastodon and Diaspora. Take control of social media back from corporations that clearly hate and resent you and don’t share your values.

Reputable individuals: deactivate Twitter on 17 August and delete Facebook while you’re at it.


Charities, too. I’m aware of a case in the UK where FB is offering “Donate” buttons to charities. Well, who wouldn’t jump at the chance? However, my contact tells me that over £200 has been donated to their charity but not a penny recieved. Why? FB says “not all the information (on the charity) has been filled in” and that the money will be distributed among other similar charities. My contact is jumping up and down, and their main complaint is “If not all the information is supplied, why (the ****) did you give us the button?” My view is it’s serious misrepresentation, and possibly theft. But what do I know?




Share on the Twitter feed you just deleted?


Again, reminds me of the story several years ago before twatter got so big, of the French TV/media regulator instructing whatever French national TV channel it was, to stop putting its Twitter handle on screen during the news, because this was tantamount to state approval/promotion of a third party commercial website, and other social media platforms were equally available, thus one should not be preferred over another by a state broadcaster. Those were the days!
But the appointment of this Campbell Brown person seems to indicate that FB has no interest in working within and as part of a media/communications landscape, and is intent on being a monopolistic, establishment/right-wing commercial corporation behind the scenes, while offering a ‘friendly’ face to all the sheep who know no better and think it is the indispensable bees knees.
Yeah, I know, this is not news. ;-(


Christ, what an asshole.

But; thanks for confirming your monopoly status for them to sue you!


Facefuckingbook? Is that the new porno mag that hit the stands?


Suing for monopoly violations? Huh… once upon a time.


“Be nice to us, or else we’ll totally shut you off from the tremendous number of users that we don’t actually have, because we’ve been caught wildly inflating our user and activity numbers multiple times in the past, oh wait God I just realized that I’m bluffing, please don’t call my bluff, I don’t have any actual useful life skills, just the ability to be completely oblivious and lie shamelessly.”


It’s a strange threat too because since I quit face beast I haven’t had any trouble getting access to news outlets at all. Or media. In fact, the quality of what I see has gone drastically… up.



“I’ll be holding your hands with your dying business like in a ­hospice”.

Ah yes, this reminds me of that famous tweet put out by that Patrick Henry dude: “Give me ye old Facebook publishing platform or deliver me to mine death!”

People should not be afraid of the megacorporations.

Megacorporations should be afraid of the people.


I’d’ve deleted my Facebook account yoinks ago, but for the simple fact that I’ve no better way to share pictures of the kids with my somewhat tech-savvy septuagenarian parents and my wholly computer illiterate nonagenarian grandmother.

Simply put, if you aren’t paying for a product, you ARE the product.download%20(1)

I’ve not found a similar social media site that has a good enough market penetration to get me to consider switching, and Nonna wants her pics…

I’ve never had a Twitter account. I hear the place is riddled with loud-mouthed A-holes.



Our technology. By using it your society develops along the paths we desire. You exist because we allow it. And you will end because we demand it.

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I agree, and I daresay the corporations are afraid of the people- like an wild animal backed into a corner -they have to be depraved in order to survive.

When a news site uses Facebook for their article comments, I treat that as a warning flag .


Starting ~10 years ago: When certain relatives and friends looked down their noses at me and thought me antiquated for steadfastly refusing to sign on to FB.

Now: Hello, you suckers and zeitgeist whores!!