Facebook news chief to media: ‘Work with Facebook or die’

So it’s under Klingon management now?

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I’m sitting here thinking “Sheesh, you people are mentally slow.” I knew from the very beginning that “social” media was something to avoid. BoingBoing BBS is the closest I’ll come to it, and I have a “burner” machine for connecting to such platforms. p.s. I’ve been working with computers for over 50 years.

Did AOL ever try to pull something like this?

They would all be delighted if you mailed them prints.


Facebook is well on the way to becoming the new MySpace. First, a niche service, and actually useful. Then mainstream, with a good deal of irrelevant content and some intrusive advertising, but still worth having. The next stage was the torrent of advertising and useless time-wasting, full of your aunty’s best friend’s neighbour’s pictues of their cat, or baby, or barbecue. By now the service is an ocean of trivialities and adverts, from which there is little escape, and no way to filter the content to remove the items we do not wish to see (this was when I quit - about 2012). It seems that it is worse now, is interfering with politics (or at least being used as a tool to influence politics). Users are apparently leaving in droves. (Did I start a trend? Yay me!) The value of the company is falling, which is, ultimately, all that matters to the people running it. I wonder how long it will be before it is quietly bought out by Google (how could they resist all that data) or some other large ‘media organisation’ (aka a data mining operation).

They say ‘Pride goes before a fall’. In that case, 'twould be just and fair if Facebook fell a very long way.

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Undoubtedly. But I’d be broke even at 10 cents a pop for 3x5’s.

Do “AOL Keywords” qualify? That was their pet pay-for-play not-DNS arrangement; they retained it for quite some time after the fully walled garden services had largely succumbed to bring an ISP of no particular worth.

Honestly, more accurate look into the grim future than many tech sector fancies of the era.

I didn’t think it was possible to hate this smug piece of shit more than i already do.

It seems like Zuckerberg is taking his cues from Trump. Just more evidence of how Trumpism is corrupting the very core of our society by normalizing amoral behavior.

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