Facebook now OK with beheading videos, but nudity stays verboten

I think the lesson is that if you don’t want your beheading to become a viral video, ask the executioner if you can take your pants off first.


And if you like that recent beheading clip on FB, does that also mean your likeness can/will be used on the advert for Mike’s Machetes? What, too soon?


I suspect that if a (white) American citizen beheads another (black) American citizen and tries to post the video on Facebook, it’d be taken down. Almost like American citizens are actual people, whilst racially and religiously motivated crimes amongst Syrians and Iraqis are a curious display of the behaviour of a less important species.

Maybe 30 years after the event it’s commentary, but posting videos of people who’ve died recently is just disrespectful and in bad taste, it’s mawkish link-bait to push advertising revenue. Yeah, someone died, but we can monetize their tragedy.

Can we put Zapruder on Facebook and have adverts for high-velocity rifles and telescopic sights displayed on the side?


I’ve played Candy Crush (and I thought Words With Friends too, but I gave up on that game long ago) on my phone without linking it to my Facebook account. I just can’t beg any of my friends for lives or whatever, but that’s fine by me, I have plenty of other games to play on my phone while I wait for CC to reset.

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