Facebook now OK with beheading videos, but nudity stays verboten


What. The. Fuck? I actively avoid seeing real people dying. Given the choice between seeing a beheading or seeing Lemon Party (probably best to not search for either of those), I’d choose Lemon Party.


So, Zuck, is snuff porn in or out?


That’s what I was going to ask. What if a beheading is directly related to nudity.

This is absurd but then America is an absurd society where violence is okay but nudity is not. I read a great quote from Jack Nicholson last night about this: “Suck a boob, you’re an X. Cut it off, you’re an R.”

Facebook’s point seems to be that you can post a beheading video if the purpose is to cultivate moral outrage. But what if someone posts a beheading
and it gets 100,000 likes? Or what if some talentless American pop star gets beheaded and the video gets posted? I doubt Facebook would allow that.

Inconsistent policies like this are a slippery slope.


So it would seem that the Lords of Facebook have chosen to mirror the (i.m.h.o. tragic) MPAA ratings algorithm that continues to prefer abject violence to anything remotely sexual. I can only imagine that it’s a subversive campaign to reduce the world monkey population by encouraging the monkeys to make war, not love.


As long as the naughty bits are pixellated.

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Not all nudity is intended to titillate or create sexual arousal. Not all postings of a graphic violent nature are intended to create moral outrage. How do you get inside someone’s head to determine intent across the board?


I’m tempted to make this the Facebook move that has me deleting my account. I’d love to turn this into a public movement - tons of people all requesting backups of their data at the same time, then submitting the request to delete accounts. It would also mean doing away with all the Facebook sponsored games I play - Candy Crush, Words With Friends, etc. - because if I’m gonna pull my account, I can’t log in to play, and they don’t need to get ad money from me anyway.


what does Facebook’s editorial judgment say about its audience?

Uh… That they think everyone is an American?


They think they’re subject to American law, and that enough of their audience is Americans that they may want to follow American culture as well.

True enough, but it still is a bit twisted.

Facebook is a nice one stop shopping portal for the NSA, in my opinion. Let them work harder.

Hey! I was gonna say that!

Only “a bit”?

Facebook has completely lost the plot. Where murder is acceptable but a nipple will get you banned, you are in the wrong place.

I have a difficult time being personally overly outraged by Facebook, because I see it as an evil endeavor in the first place, or at least it evolved into that.

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It’s not supposed to be allowed for glorifying the acts, but for condemning them. Still, a bit excessive for such a public of a site.

What is the proper response to a post like that? Like it because you agree with the condemnation? Dislike it because you think the post is horrific? Like it cause you think beheadings are great.

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I went through a phase a few years ago where I was watching DVDs of 1960s low-budget indie exploitation films (nudie cuties, roughies, etc.), along with post-MPAA X rated films (Bonnie and Clyde, Midnight Cowboy, etc.), and it just really sealed the deal for me. The MPAA is the worst thing that ever happened to movies. I mean, the Hayes Office just can’t compete. (That said, pre-Hayes Hollywood is awesome. Check out James Whales’s “Waterloo Bridge.”)

Life is too short to watch movies that have met MPAA standards.

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Here I was thinking that you were underplaying the perversity of allowing murder video, but banning the nude human form. Silly me.