Facebook pays $550m settlement over illegally-collected facial recognition data

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I have not yet been tagged in any of our friends’ online photos, despite Facebook incessantly asking them to, and I have asked all our people who Facebook to leave me this little shred of privacy. Alternately, if they really have to, they can tag me as Grumpy McGrumpyface.


$550,000,000? How any minutes/seconds of Facebook profit is that?

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these fines


Zuck looks like B4 in all his photos.

A one time fine is just the cost of doing business.

It will never actually hurt them.

We need enforced regulation, every day. And the corporate death penalty.

If fb and the like don’t behave, destroy them.


I was going to say that they’re getting pretty close to getting out of the uncanny value for these androids. Not there yet, obviously, but getting closer!

This is in response to another tech company fuckery, but still applies.


When are we going to get some smart ethical people hacking shit to do the right thing?

Being human just becomes more depressing the longer I live. We need a future like Star Trek where money does not matter but I don’t think Roddenberry ever fleshed that out as to how it happened

As I recall from the episodes of Next Generation where Q took Picard back in time, it involved a huge backslide into barbarity for a very long time, and then finding aliens.

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From Quora:
“Facebook’s 2017 revenue was ~$40 Billion, so Facebook makes ~$110 Million per day.”

So this cost Facebook roughly a work week.

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Well we have the first part can somebody find some fucking aliens already!


Well, the first part of the process is nicely underway.

This on top of the 50 billion loss in the stock market will cut into CEO performance bonus fund.


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USA really needs day-fines.

One down, 49 states to go…

That’s the third perfectly sensible suggestion I’ve seen on BB today, where my instinctive reaction was, “but who will bell the cat?”.

Because this government sure doesnt seem interested in enforcing consequences for illegal behavior…

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