FTC announces $5B fine against Facebook for repeated privacy violations

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Settlement between FTC and Facebook ends 16-month probe that began Cambridge Analytica, Russia, and Trump.


Oh awesome. Facebook pays the cost of doing business.

Way to teach them they can pay a percentage of revenue to keep profit.


When news broke about $5B fine Facebook’s stock actually went up. That’s how shit this fine is.


There’s the face of a man who’s been slightly inconvenienced.

But hey, at least it set a record. Progress, y’all.


Facebook is reportedly worth over $630 billion (2018). This settlement requires them to pony up 0.8% of their value. That’ll teach 'em.


US Military Spending $598.5 billion/year. Cost to install an illegitimate US president $5B. That’s quite a bargain for Vlad and Co.

These kinds of punitive fines need to be something that weighs heavily on corporate decision making for years.

I’ll possibly be satisfied if they fined them a trillion dollars. That way they’ll have to keep inind that they fucked up for at least ten years as they struggle with the debt.


Why do some governments implement restrictive regulations, like the GDPR? Because slaps on the wrist do nothing to curb bad behavior.


Why should the Zuck care? It ain’t his money…


Hey FB, you gotta start safeguarding users’ privacy.


Can we get some money then?

Here ya go.

Carry on.


I wonder if Trump considered asking for wall money in lieu of that money going elsewhere in the government.

Here. Hold my beer. Now slap my wrist. Now dribble the beer on your own shoes.

Congressman, here’s your check. Want to see some pretty lights? Here, I’ll light it for you with this $1,000,000 bill. Oh, you needed that money to keep your job? Well, pucker up and kiss my ass, then, and you’ll get another.

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If we are only going to be levying monetary fines, let’s start at a trillion for acompany with the kind of valuation fb has. If they can’t pay right now, let’s hobble their profitability for the next generation.

I mean there’s other things we ought to do, like shutting the whole thing down. Or building a regulatory agebcy for userdata.

Start putting Facebook directors in jail… they make the big money to make the big decisions … when they’re wrong, the price is personal. Or start with amputations of fingers, forehead tattoo, something to make these people think twice before they launch a new ‘feature’.

I hate those “Memories” things, pictures of places or people I miss… it pops up now and then… oh yeah, a pic of my friend who no longer talks to me because I was an asshole and hoped for more than what we had… my heart is crushed once again, I weep at the loss, spiral of self-hate and despair. Off with their heads !!!


What happens to the $$$? If they can reinvest that into the agency it could do a lot of good, they are severely understaffed

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That’s intentional. Thank tRump for installing a guy who wants to destroy the agency. Like every other staff pick he’s done.


The folks I know who worked there did so under Obama.

Not doing much about corporate malfeasance is a bipartisan cause.

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I vote to shut it down. They cannot even control it themselves.

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Facebook pays the cost of doing business in the US. We are still having it’s Pro-Brexit propaganda here in the UK for free.


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