Facebook still removes breastfeeding photos like this


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Sounds to me like they tend to remove pretty much any photo that anyone complains about without doing any of their own investigation or followup. Both of the latter would require a staff who can make judgement calls all day long. It’s not an easy or inexpensive thing to provide, it’s a lot easier to just delete anything anybody complains about and call it a day.

Is there a complaint category for “Offensive Stupidity?”


I would hope that with the reams of bits and bytes they’re tracking about people, the one this they would track is the quality of complaints they make, and attach some kind of lowered level of complaint-power for those that use this power improperly. Sure, they can’t check every complaint (or just don’t) but if there is an appeal, it certainly should be looked at, and if the complaint is frivolous, apply some consequences.


I know, I know, not everyone has the technical know-how, but how many times do people have to get screwed over before people start realizing that we need to take back control of the web. Get back to homepages (only this time with CMSes and Wordpress so they don’t looks as ugly) and then you can post whatever you want and (at least in America) no one will take it away from you.


Can’t they make a NSFW place-holder that needs to be clicked to show “sensitive” or “contravertial” material? A compromise maybe?

Natural and beautiful, sure, and not intended to be sexual of course. But still, I don’t want this to pop up in my feed in mixed company - like when a client or a kid is looking over my shoulder.

Then again, this is all part of why I quit Facebook years ago.


People who are prudish about breastfeeding need slapped.


Au contraire. I’ve personally complained about stuff now and again and nothing’s happened. And complaining about harassing or threatening comments is all but pointless. I’ve done that on the BB facebook page twice, I recall, only for FB to give explicit confirmation that the comments don’t contravene FB’s community standards. It doesn’t stop us deleting and banning the users from the BB Facebook, of course, but it does mean they’re free to tell other women they need to be raped in hell, etc.


Isn’t nudity sort of a guarantee with newborn babies? - insert joke about birthday suits here -

The offense isn’t nudity: it’s using a woman’s breast for an unnatural purpose instead of the real reason for its existence: sexual arousal.

/S, of course

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Good. Who the hell wants to see that in their timeline?

My wife operates the family facebook page. If she didn’t use facebook, I would have to administer a blog for her. Facebook (or a similar system) is the only blogging platform she could operate on her own. The world is full of people like that. They are called Users.

Because kids have never seen a breast before?
(that one has, for sure :slight_smile: )

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Hungry babies?


has anyone yet investigated the hypothesis that most “breast men” also have “mommy issues?”

i suspect a statistically significant correlation.

and then you can post whatever you want and (at least in America) no one will take it away from you.

Well, this is certainly naive…

What if there was no complaint at all? What if there’s just some algorithm called booby_finder that identified and yanks pictures that might cause problems? I would imagine that would save Facebook a lot of headaches, over against the occasional false positive. The number of nursing mommies who complain is probably pretty small compared to the number of indiscreet teenagers. Then they can just issue an apology to the false positives and call it a day.

Cost < Benefit.

America, I am so fucking sick of this. We produce (and consume) such ridiculous quantities of porn that’s meant to be sexually stimulating. With the internet, and the ability to consume pornography in the privacy of their own homes, so many more people nowadays consume it (as compared to the old days where you actually had to go out and buy a wank mag). Yet, we still pretend that breast are obscene things that should always he hidden. Maybe burqas are a great idea too!

I’ll say this. I like boobs. I’m a straight guy. That being said found it more refreshing than sexual when I’ve been to areas where people can choose to be topless (burning man, beaches in other countries…). Boobs aren’t going to hurt anyone. It’s ok. Don’t be scared. just don’t make any sudden movements or loud noises and the boobies won’t attack.

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On one level (the obvious one) this is pretty ridiculous.

But it’s tough to blame Facebook, frankly. We live in litigious times, we live in the era of sexting which can get a teenager labelled a sex criminal for life, etc.

Baby sucking boob for food. Fine.

Toddler sucking boob for food. Slightly weirder by average standards.

Toddler or young child sucking boob for ??? reason… Illegal imagery, perhaps?

I can’t blame Facebook for not wanting to force its admins to make the call about which category any particular image falls into. It’s a lot easier to say no breasts at all, than, we’re going to have some line in the sand that is totally up to individual interpretation.

Facebook is a company, not a “standard” like email or http. If the government were banning emailing images of breastfeeding, OK, I get it, that would be worth a hubbub. But Facebook is a private corporation, and I have to say – I get why they think it’s better to have a blanket policy that seems silly in a lot of circumstances, versus a vaguer policy that opens them up to massive liability.

They used to do it that way, but they seem to have gotten better about it. Though, I imagine the job of handling all of these complaints (of which there must be thousands every day) has been outsourced to some country where labour is exceedingly cheap, and their training probably consists of being given a list of “things that are offensive.”