Facebook deletes women rowing team's page. Why? A safe-for-work seminude photo


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Anyone knows that less weight means a faster boat.

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Two girls, no cox needed thank you very much.


I don’t know if this is really a sexist takedown, look at the girl fourth from the left, you can see part of her naughty bits. At least they took the time to shave o,o

Nope, it’s pretty sexist if you take the time to dig up the male version. The men are at least as revealing, if not more.


And in color (colour)!

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One of the top commenters at the article (preposterously) said this:

AndrewPaulMoulton 20 hours ago
Male nipples are largely similar, so when your exposing them there’s no surprise or intrigue, while women on the other hand have such wide variations in areola size and color, shape and placement, that when you are exposing a female breast you are showing a part that is unique to said woman, revealing a private part of herself. That’s why penises and vaginas are covered up; because not everybody has the same thing.

I’d love for him to meet my friend Jim - he’s got three nipples.
Then there are my friends who are fans of body modding . . .

Clearly this guy just isn’t a connoisseur of the male nipple.



(BBS, why won’t you let me respond in ALL CAPS? I don’t try it very often but when I do I need to put in something like this in parenthesis, which is not as funny by far.)


Were you operating under the impression that the for-profit corporation Facebook was subject to the same non-discrimination rules as, for example a public utility? Facebook is entitled to delete whatever it wants - just re-read the terms of service you signed when they let you create your free account.

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Okay you win. I like this comment on the FAQ when asked if there’s full frontal nudity in the calendar:

“Lots in the video. There isn’t supposed to be any in the calendar, but one girl spotted a penis immediately. Can you find it?”

They seem pretty upfront with their “nsfw”. No complaints here, these boys could paddle my canoe any day :slight_smile:

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The reason is obvious. All men are carnal animals, unable to maintain even the least control over our rampaging sexuality. The merest glimpse of the female ankle can turn the soberest judge into a slobbering rapist. This is the true meaning of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

This is, by the way, also the logic that makes some men declare that a woman was “asking for it.” Safety first, ladies - burqas are on sale this week!


A little off topic, but…

I have no issue with semi-nude photos of men or women (although being a hetero male I appreciate the latter in a way that I don’t appreciate the former), but I’m a little surprised the university didn’t have a problem with this (either the male or female version). The little U. in the town I live in freaks out at much less than this when “The Social Networking” is involved.

Kudos to the Uni, I guess.

No kudos to FB. Evar.


Are we talking underball or sideball?


That’s what makes a great photograph – attention to all the little details!

Render unto Caesar, I say.
(cool name btw)

Are they wearing 80’s shorts?

I think Meatballs was 1979, but close enough.


I was operating under the impression that everybody is equally subject to being called out when they act like douchebags.


You’re right. Facebook is perfectly within their rights as a private for-profit corporation to censor whatever content is submitted to their site. And we are perfectly within our rights to criticize their decisions, inconsistency, and outright hypocrisy. We are also within our rights to cease using their service and to advocate that others join us in doing so.

That is how the first amendment works: We all have a right to free speech, but there is no doctrine protecting the speakers from any criticism that might result. And Facebook deserves every bit of criticism they get.


Well, I’ll just have to see if this fails the ye olde masturbation test.