Facebook suspends you for quoting Dune, promotes you for spreading COVID and vaccine lies

Ummm, that word, “integrity,” I don’t think it means what you think it means. Have you been on fecesbook lately?


Anybody still using FB is essentially part of the problem.

So even if you’re not using an AI for this, if it’s reviewed by a human, and in this case it was literally someone saying “I -will- kill you”, and that was it. No photos, no “as said by blah blah blah in the film”, no picture of the character, just, “I -will- kill you” out of the blue.

Even a human reading through hundreds of violations a day won’t have enough context or time to moderate that


I am currently suspended from FB for thirty days as a result of making less than friendly comments about a CoVID deniers statements of misinformation. I guess saying the subject deserved to be shot for being a white guy sporting dreadlocks was a little over the top (ie. sarcasm). I won’t be returning to Facebook. I’m saving all my photos (some of which were lost when my hard drive crashed) and deleting my account. Facebook is a waste of time. Zuckerburg is the same misogynist turd he has been reported to have been in high school and college.

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I have also run afoul of the obviously right-wing agenda-promoting algorithms created, maintained and reinforced by FB. I have received 2 warnings in the past 48 hours for posts, first in opposition to apparent police abuse of authority and second by trolling antivaxxers. I am currently under a ban from posting, tldr the image I posted to counter anti-vaxxing trolling was viewed multiple times elsewhere on FB before I downloaded it and posted it again there.

I JUST got out of 30 days in Facebook jail for “hate speech.” In support of Pride, I posted a pic of a fabulous gay gentleman, festooned with rainbows, wearing a shirt that read “Better a f*ggot than a fascist” in Italian. I shared the translation straight from Google Translate, and my personal comment: “amen.”

30 days. “Hate speech.”

Meanwhile, I’m reporting shitstains like these guys left and right and getting told “this does not go against our community standards” (and believe me, this is TAME compared to some of the shit I’ve seen):

But remember, “faCeBOOK sILENcEs CoNSERvaTIve vOICEs” y’all…


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