Facebook spoof's "user data" for sale to the highest bidder—on eBay


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Is BoingBoing or its constituent happy mutants mad about this? I honestly can’t tell from this post.


Well it would be bad if it was credit card numbers, but it probably just says penis penis penis…


It leaves me rather conflicted - therefore art?


What passes for “me” is only a vague bundle of sensory impressions.


This seems like something right out of the Happy Mutant Handbook had it not been printed in the mid-90s.



•Data includes: off-hand thoughts, gibberish, seemingly
random numbers, incriminating secrets, confessions, marginally-funny
one-liners and much more!


Hardly “passing”.


+1 for stealth joke.


Surely Facebook itself is the dystopian one - a bizarre 1984 world in which people actually volunteer to give their data to Big Brother who can then process it to decide if they are committing thoughtcrime. This experiment on the other hand is utopian (literally nowhere) because the site isn’t a real place.

In the Facebook version of 1984, winston.smith would be posting pictures of himself with Julia thinking that only the proles could see them, (tastefully pixellated or with black bars over the naughty bits) and O’Brien would be circulating them round his mates because, of course, the privacy settings only apply to low level users.


An awful lot of Chipotle references.


What an excellent idea for a troll quote.


Yeah well thats what they said about GALILIEO!


The quote fits to all kinds of tough shit.


not at all


Fair enough, thanks for clarifying.


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