Facebook says it never sells your data but these internal documents show exactly how much they value your data in dollars

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/04/16/facebook-says-it-never-sells-y.html

Mark Zuckerberg leveraged Facebook user data—maybe yours?—to crush rivals and aid allies, leaked documents show.


“We don’t <air quotes> sell </air quotes> your data. We simply charge for access to its value.”


We will lease, rent, licence any of it but it is ours forever and we will never transfer ownership in a sale… What you thought it was yours?


They have been openely selling user “metadata” for years, which is easily deanonymized, personal data. So the premise of Facebook considering, but deciding not to, sell people’s data seems to kind of miss the point. A fairer description is that Facebook has always sold a lot of data about users, but still waffles (and lies) about selling some of the more personal user data it collects.


since corporations are people, I’m ok with the death penalty for corporations


How how how is it even slightly newsworthy or shocking that “privacy was an afterthought” in any of these articles? Focusing on privacy like it’s a side effect just elides responsibility in the harms the actual product causes.

This is why a first principle that a user’s data belongs first and foremost to him or her and that the user has the right to set the terms under which it is shared is critical. An ethical Internet-based business can deal with that; a business like Facebook or Twitter, not so much.


Yeah, this sucks. Yeah, it’s not a surprise.

Hey, here’s one for ya: BoingBoing, you talk a good game, and lord knows I love ya to death, but, really?!, 31 trackers on the post alone?!

Privacy Badger detected 32 potential trackers (https://www.eff.org/privacybadger/faq#What-is-a-third-party-tracker) on this page. These sliders let you control how Privacy Badger handles each one. You shouldn’t need to adjust the sliders unless something is broken.


THis is from Shosha Zuboff’s excellent “Surveillance Capitalism” we are the raw material to be extracted, rendered and sold on for predictive marketing or political purposes


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