Would it surprise you to learn that Facebook's "Download your Data" doesn't?


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Would it surprise to to learn that Facebooks “Download your Data” doesn’t?

Maybe slow down, Rob.

One headline mistake is ok sometimes, but two really lowers my commitment to boingboing’s sparkle motion!


I just don’t want them to know I’m a dog. I once heard that on the internet, nobody knows that.


I’m downloading my data right now.


Roger that!


Shh! Quiet! He might ut-pay you on the ist-lay!


The “T” in that needs to be capitalized, my friend told me to let you know.



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Why those parents – Mr. and Mrs. That – ever named their son Roger is simply beyond my comprehension.


Now you know almost all my secrets.


mister t


information Facebook collects about the apps you visit and your activity within those apps

I wish she’d expanded on that more. The call/text logs, easy, but to get the above, they’d have to seriously infest the phone. (Hmm, apps where people use their Facebook login?)


I’m downloading the data the U. S. Government wants me to download. Directly to my brain, and I like it!


Happiness is so fleeting nowadays.



This is years old. When Facebook first announced you can download your data, I did it. They basically gave me nothing more than one can see by clicking the About link on a person’s home page. No list of Liked pages, no pictures, no posts. Things I knew they had never showed up. So yeah, it is now and has always been a lip-service level scam.


I assumed (without linking through to the original article) that that was referring to Facebook apps, not phone apps.



Facebook corp’s insincerity is legendary.


Come now; that’s just metadata…