How a cow-clicking parody game harvested Facebook user data


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The, uh, headline does not match the content.


Um, whut? It goes on to explain exactly how the game’s developer “harvested” (well, “had foisted upon him”) Facebook user data. I don’t see how your quibble makes any sense at all.


The headline indicates (at least to me) that the game itself did the harvesting. While in fact, the game had nothing to do with it. Facebook harvested and distributed the data almost on a whim.


Am I the only one who read that as Cow Licking at first?


Without the game, there would be no harvest. Due to FB policies and design, creating and distributing the game allowed (forced?) Bogost to harvest data he didn’t even want.

I see your point, but the title isn’t wrong.


cow-licking, cow-clicking, cow-tipping. Suma suma.


Please explain to me what you mean about Bogost “harvesting” anything with his game.
It seems indicated to me that facebook did the “harvesting” and then just “gave” him the results to, supposedly, assist in his making of said game.


I did too. An idea for a sequel maybe!


Facebook has never respected the privacy of those who are in its database. Heck, it all started with Zuckerberg harvesting the data from Harvard’s student face book without getting the permission of the university or the students.

It did, as did every other FB app at the time. The FB app framework turned any FB app into a data harvester whether or not the creator wanted or needed the data, and the data went to the creator who could store it forever on his server and do with it what he liked.


It’s a darned good thing none of us take ourselves too seriously.


I’m not at all sure we’ve read the same article.

If you’re going to insist people speak more precisely, change starts at home.


Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, delete the app (if you can), because it connects with the mothership anyway.


Stop talking. Get going!
Also, please include salt licks. Or peanuts. And five pints.





Parental advisory: explicit licks.


He kept the data.
When I helped my granddad harvesting apples, we didn’t differentiate between the ones we picked up from the ground and the ones we picked from the trees.


Makes as much sense as, say a game where you pretend to be a goat. That would be really dumb.


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