Watch: Zuckerberg talks about how important Facebook privacy is in 2009


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And he had a great deal on some swampland down in Florida…


Watch: Zuckerberg talks lie about how important FB privacy is in 2009



They should hire that guy.


yeah, it was already obviously bullshit at that point anyway.


What a lyin’ fuck.


Zuckerberg: We’re not going to share people’s information except for with the people that they’ve asked for it to be shared.

If you read the terms you’ll see that you ask to share your information with anyone who pays Facebook.

Zuckerberg to Facebook users: you agreed to this

Hi, I’m 16 years old, and I’d like to talk to you about your privacy.

(Actually, in the course of typing that out, it hit me that anytime someone other than yourself talks to you about your privacy, that’s probably a red flag right there.)


Beat me to it!
That’s a loophole you could drive a caravan through, sideways!




Can you provide a link please?



Dow down 742.


Bear in mind that this interview was conducted 2 years after Platform was rolled out. And Platform was the specific mechanism that CA used to exfiltrate user data, and they used it in the way it was intended to be used.

This is NOT a ‘that was then, but things have changed’ situation.


Never used FBook, never used Twitter, never used any social media, ever. And I never said it was OK for the Zuck to sell out our country, for any amount of cash. FBook is culpable in the hijacking of our Democracy, let it sink in, and get out the Vote this November.


Did the BBC make him put on that Hogwarts schoolboy outfit? Zuck with a tie, in '09? Really?


Talk about ‘pants on fire’.


I’ve seen others mention how remarkable it is to watch the public finally wake up to this when so many of us have been paying attention and trying to warn them but it really is remarkable. Of course it’s way way too late but zuck is and always was a lying bucket of pig swill. I’d like to think it is a watershed moment provided that their share price continues to plummet into oblivion while both the US and UK governments would like a small word with him but i fear this public outrage won’t last when there’s so much shit to be concerned with. :tired_face:


You guys are all so quick to jump on the bandwagon, but the fact is that every time Facebook has been caught selling out their users, they have apologized really sincerely and promised it wouldn’t happen again.


TL;DR: if you use Facebook, you are asking for it. Sharing your data in a way that you have no control over, or even know about it, that is.
But you knew that already, didn’t you?


I’ve only asked for a link (or, more precisely, a specific point in the terms) to the specific part where it says that “you ask to share your information with anyone who pays Facebook”. Linking to 10 articles and the whole terms is obnoxious and unhelpful.