Zuckerberg phones Obama to complain about NSA spying


I feel as much esteem for him as I do Feinstein, which is nil, for suddenly waking up to the price paid for loss of privacy when they realize it affects them. It must be nice to be able to just get on the phone with the president for no other reason than that you have a lot of money. Fuck him, Feinstein and facebook. I hope they all get flushed down the toilet.


He’s just got the President’s number in his phone?!


I phoned Obama to complain about NSA spying too.


you can call your state reps ofc, but phone up the prez, it’s that easy? tell!

Yeah, it’s in your file.


Coming from someone who has consistently had the worst kinds of privacy policies in place, surveilles all his users and sells their data to the highest bidder, I see this as nothing but a self-serving publicity play by a complete hypocrite. And it’s kinda insulting; whatever the NSA has done wrong (and don’t get me wrong - that’s a lot, and it’s unforgivable) at least it was done with the intention of making this country safer. Everything Zuckerberg does is to make himself richer.


Ohh, I think you’re gonna get some pushback on that statement.


Well, it’s the “official statement of purpose” or the PR campaign, whichever you choose.


Phoning someone and actually talking to them are two different things. Please elaborate.

Fellow Travellers all gots their own reasons. The important thing is we’re all siting in the same room right now.

Unless you feel the need to have an ideological purge, comrade?

So who’s calling Zuckerberg to get him to stop selling out his users and explain irony to him?


Huh? I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make, but at this point, the other travelers mentioned are not at the same destination, nor on the same journey. They are only calling for measures that protect their own interests but not that of the common good. Basically what they are saying is ‘Leave me alone’.

I suppose you are trying to equate Boing Boing with Facebook? Not quite the same thing. I don’t post personal photos and communicate with family, here. There is value in the articles that are aggregated, I am permitted to remain anonymous (at least to the degree of my name) and I am commenting on issues, not exposing all of my personal life. As an aside, I don’t use facebook.

Lost cause.

I’m told that 90% of US divorce proceedings today include Facebook data

Not entirely on-topic, but really? “I’m told that…” By whom?

Now if you’d posted:

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers says 81% of its members have used or faced evidence from Facebook.

I’d feel better about it. And it took me 30 seconds to find that statistic (if that long).

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Immediately after the call, Obama appointed Zuckerberg as the Secretary of Online Rights and Freedoms.


This is rich. (In more ways than one.)



The real conversation:

Z: Hey B.
O: Hey Zuck, what’s happening?
Z: Ah, usual BS, got the board on my back over this NSA stuff
O: I can’t apologise enough Zuck, that Snowden is a real PITA
Z: Yeah, a real jerk.
O: Anyway, what can I do for you Zuck?
Z: I got to put out a press release to please the shareholders. OK if I name drop you?
O: Sure thing Zuck. Don’t even mention it.
Z: You’re the best.
O: No, you’re the best. BTW how’s my stock doing?
Z Up, up and up.
O: That’s all I need to hear. See ya round.
Z: Not if I see you first!