Zuckerberg phones Obama to complain about NSA spying

Oh the Ironys!

The same thing happened with Angela Merkel when she realized the NSA was targeting her preferentially: fine with all the spying, then shock, splutter and outrage when it’s happening to her personally. Well, Fr. Merkel, Mr. Zuckerberg and Mrs. Feinstein, now you know how the rest of us feel.


We are not Facebook’s clients; we are their product. We are the cows they use until they are too old to moo, then have every part that isn’t eaten used for shoes and glue. Facebook’s clients are the companies who use the data that Facebook extracts from us.


well to be honest most of us are saying the same thing “leave me alone” we say it the same way she does “leave us alone” but ultimately it’s about you and the environment in which you live.

Not all of us, Ma.

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just pulled it from barack’s facebook data, i’m sure.


That may be true, but I never advocated for large scale spying on people not suspected of crimes like Feinsten, nor have I ever done large scale collection of data to sell to the highest bidder like Zuckerburg. Both parties are interested in continuing on with the way things were before for their own personal interests. I would like to see that the citizenry isn’t considered criminals first and that they have a right to go on about their business without everyone else making it their business.


I said users, not clients. But yeah, I guess I agree with you.

Hey now, that’s simply unfair.

Zuck doesn’t sell it to the highest bidder. Why would he only sell it once? He sells it to every bidder.


You have inside information on the intentions of the NSA? Give up that citation bro! Tha’s fron page news!

Besides, is it really all that insulting by way of comparing the two? People opt in to FB & can choose to opt out. Thus they have chosen to be bought/sold or just insulted & sullied, or not.

The NSA on the other hand isn’t even opt-out available except by way of a Kaczynski-esque shack in the woods or a bullet to the head. You can’t even opt out by leaving the US or renouncing or whatever, they just straight up violating, so intentions ain’t shit & presumptions of good intentions don’t really merit acceptance in such light.

So it’s up to us – all of us – to build the internet we want.

step 1) dismantle facebook



Fact is if you put every piece of your personal life out on Facebook your crazy! On average we spend over 3 hours a day on the internet…How much of that is on Facebook? If I see another selfie of someone or what they are eating for dinner I’m gonna lose it:) I think we should really rethink the word “privacy”.

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