Facebook to move UK customers from EU user agreement to California's

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Bretix, eh? Getting back our sovereignty, eh? :roll_eyes:

Edit misspelt “Brexit” :smiley:


Your rights are safe in their hands.


But even (indeed specifically) after Brexit we have ‘inherited’ the EU’s laws and UNLESS AND UNTIL the UK govt actively changes them, surely this action would put Facebook in breach of current UK laws?

Maybe I’m confused. Anyone got a strong legal handle on this?

(Not that I use the Faceberg. #DELETEFUCKINGFACEBOOK)

“The sovereignty - it berx”


That’s about right, my company is complying with GDPR etc until we get an update.


I’m shocked - shocked I tell you that a fine, morally-upstanding company would do this sort of thing.

Facebook on the other hand…

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Does this mean they will have to put cancer warning on Facebook?


Came here to say the same thing: what does sovereignty mean and how much is it worth?

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In order, “Sovereignty means Sovereignty,” and “less than Bitcoin.”

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The UK lost the ability to negotiate aggressively now that they are no have partners in the EU. It’s like the old American slogan: United we stand, divided we fall. Essentially that they were stronger together than apart.

I suspect a lot of people watching Brexit unfold are getting childhood flashbacks of a messy divorce. It’s senseless in a way. And even when outsiders see an obvious path to an amicable separation, somehow the UK government manages to cock it up repeatedly.

The US and Canada are really far away, so they very limited as a trading partner. Even so, I expect the UK to do a lot more trade with the US out of desperation. Sadly for them, the kinds of things you need to agree to in order to trade in the US will pull you down to the same low level of consumer protection standards that Americans experience every day.


Many pro-Brexiteers seem to be pinning their hopes on a trade deal with Australia; like that’s going to work. The Australians have got plenty of markets close to home, and, a lot of what the UK sells is made in China anyway. I don’t know how much silverware and shortbread we can sell; certainly not enough to offset lost trade with Europe.


Johnson’s love of all things Australian is weirdly obsessed with TimTams (aka. shite Penguins). I’m not sure the economic future of a nuclear-tipped nation can be driven by demand for cheap pseudo-chocolate biscuits.


In the UK, it sounds like they were violating the EU policies anyways, so…

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You cannot slam Penguins, therefore TimTams are clearly superior.

You wanted sovereignty huh? What could be more sovereign than allowing scumbag megacorps to sell off more of your personal data to scumbag advertisers and scammers!


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