Facebook UK made £105M in 2014, paid £35M in bonuses, and will pay £4,327 in tax

Here is an article from 2011 about 10 major companies paying a negative tax rate


The content of two comments directly above is, uh, interesting

1 Man starves because of stopped welfare
2 Major companies “pay” negative tax

What went wrong? Where’s the revolution?


Too busy on facebook paying for services.

Holy crap people…the rich have figured out ways to pay disproportionately less taxes? I need to go FB this immediately! Okay, okay…I realize jaded comments don’t cost much and profit no one so hopefully you didn’t find it too taxing.

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Guys, before getting into bed with any trade partner, ask up front if they are okay with the Irish Double or the Dutch Sandwich. Establishing safe words up front is also recommended.


In Britain, the press are telling people that the starving, malnourished people dependent on welfare are somehow cheating the system and are what is wrong with the country. The working classes are encouraged to attack the empoverished, unemployed and disabled, while the rich taxdodgers get left alone.

The Conservatives have been shit about the disabled all my life, so have Labour (They were more likely to back down after protest though), so have the LibDems, Ukip look like they’re even worse and the Green Party couldn’t get news coverage even if Caroline Lucas turned up to PM Questions naked, never mind get enough MPs to form government. Is it any wonder I have anarcho-communist sympathies when every political party who can get news coverage has shown themselves happy to lie and fuck me and other disabled people over to get votes?

I am now waiting for The Revolution. I didn’t want it, but I can’t see any other way of improvement.

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A long grief of mine - deep in my heart I want to like the SPD (our own Labour-like social democratic party), but they badly disappoint me all the time. The conservative CDU does the same shit all the time - but that’s fine for me, the whole idea and basis of this party is shitty.

Since chancellor Schröder and his Agenda 2010 (continental New Labour) the SPD is a CDU light and destroyed in two election periods more social policies than Kohl in 16 years as head of government.

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