UK Tories use Brexit as an excuse to slash corporate taxes to the lowest of any major economy


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Wow, that was fast.

People there probably haven’t had time to forget conservative Brexit campaign promises for increased health care investments yet.

Has the speed of short-sighted institutionalized corporate greed caught up to the speed of its own commodified news cycles? In our lifetimes? :smile:

As in the U.S., there’s a political opening for the democratic left to engage and align with non-corporate, working voters and … do stuff.

Conservatives are switching out marketing and branding campaigns so fast their representatives are publicly contradicting each other.



The EU’s idea of hell.

A huge low tax country on their door.

WTO tariffs means that the EU has to pay the UK year after year for trade.

They’ve lost the UK’s payments to them.

Brexit’s a great idea.


Um, no. We’ll be paying the EU for the right to trade there, just as Norway does. We need their trade a hell of a lot more than they need ours.


Side note: I actually believe Osbourne when he says he’ll “redouble his efforts to invest in the Northern powerhouse”.

Zero, doubled and redoubled, is still zero.


I’m sure if there were any credible link between lower taxes and any good outcome then the EU would pay more attention.


Over the weekend, Texas started a big advertising campaign in England trying to convince companies to relocate. I would expect lots of other locales will do the same. Depending on the size of the company, the incentives to move can be pretty great. England may have no choice but to do something to keep companies from moving. It’s way to early to declare a tax slash is needed (IMHO), but I could see it happening eventually.


Thank God. I thought for a minute there that no one would take advantage of the situation to make the rich and other Corporate Citizens richer.


I’ll use that as inspiration for my in-a-hole recovery plan

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Might want to look in the other direction. You just described half the countries to the East of them.

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Disaster capitalism wasn’t working fast enough, so they’ve started manufacturing more disasters


It’s like they’re all falling over each-other trying to find different ways to say “suckah!” to the people who voted to leave.


Shit? It flows down hill I reckon.


And the Bank of England has reduced capital-adequacy requirements for banks.

This will let those banks lend more money to (f’rinstance) property speculators buying into a tumultuous housing market, and when borrowers default on those loans because the property bubble bursts, banks will be running for even bigger bailouts.

  • Trump 2016!


Yeah, it’s not like this exact plan of “cut taxes to boost the economy by tempting away companies from higher-tax areas” hasn’t been seen before, with utterly dismal results. I’m looking at you, Wisconsin, Kansas and Florida.


So, this means that real-estate values in London will go up!


Yeah- it’s all about the big corporates. That’s why the Remain campaign was financed by the largest corporates and merchant banks.


They were going to take their cut either way.


Yup, we have Emperor Wanker to thank for some major hits in our economy.

And don’t get me started on Dennis Smith (he was our Medicaid Director briefly). The man’s an ideological fool and doesn’t comprehend the difference between an economy and a budget. (And yes, I verified in person, so this isn’t just a rant)